Upcoming Exhibitions

SUArt Galleries: April 9 – May 10, 2020

2020 Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition  

This annual exhibition highlights contemporary emerging artists in Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts. The selection of work encompass a diverse array of processes and creative approaches examined by the School of Art, School of Design, and Department of Transmedia. Additional MFA exhibitions will concurrently be on display at Point of Contact Gallery and the Community Folk Art Gallery.

This exhibition is organized by independent curator Daniel Fuller G’04.

Books Unbound: How We Read the Artist’s Book

The book is recognized as a primary source of information, a vehicle for narratives and stories, and as a record of our culture and experience. It maintains an intuitive function and instinctual interaction within its traditional structure and format. Artists have long utilized the book’s physical construct to make unique objects meant to be interpreted in an specifically intentional method and arrangement- exploiting the book form to deliver, document, illustrate, and convey complex concepts beyond what a single image or object can suggest. At the same time, the artist can use what we think we know of the book to defy an understood meaning or interaction. Books Unbound (working title) examines how artists have embraced, reimagined, and redefined the book, and how these approaches change the way we engage with the content and concepts at play.  Through multiple facets of structure, experience, and collaboration; the exhibition will showcase the wide variety of ways artist’s books force us to redefine the way we ‘read’ and consume information from what could be considered the most traditional and ubiquitous formats: the book.

Drawing from diverse resources across campus including the Special Collections Research Center at Syracuse University Libraries, LightWork, and the Syracuse University Art Collection; Books Unbound organized in conjunction with the course Fine Arts Curatorship (MUS 703) from the Graduate Program in Museum Studies in the School of Design. Taught by Andrew Saluti, assistant professor and program coordinator of Museum Studies; the curators include Julia Banfi  G’21, Sheridan Bishoff G’20, Kirsten Burrall G’20, Meghan Eaton G’20, Julia Jessen G’20, Meghan McGuine G’20, Wentao Hua G’20, and Stephen Singer G’20.

Palitz Gallery: February 3- April 9, 2020

The Radical Collage: Afrosurrealism and the Repurposed Fabrication of Black Bodies

images of black male withe serpent or insect bottom half

“Presuppose that beyond this visible world, there is an invisible world striving to manifest, and it is our job to uncover it.” – Scott D. Miller

The Radical Collage: Afrosurrealism and the Repurposed Fabrication of Black Bodies is a political exhibition, by nature, seeking to reinvest itself within the uncanny depictions of Black bodies residing in distant pasts and presents via the cultural aesthetic and liberatory framework of Afrosurrealism.

Steered to cultivate an alternative perspective, the exhibition will explore notions of breaching consciousness via its contextualization within collage. Mirroring the selected artists, the curation of the exhibition utilizes a variety of methods and material which contribute to the inter-sectional navigation of narrative within sociopolitical issues surrounding the reality of being a Black body residing within our current society. Specifically focusing on the endured experiences and sensibilities of Black bodies, how do we cope with the trauma(s) induced by the modernization of the Black American? Is it through newfound skill at creating an entirely different world organically connected to the one in which we reside . . . or via the Black aesthetic in its actual contemporary lived life?

Curated by Evan A. Starling-Davis and organized by the Community Folk Art Center