Major Collections

Abbott, Berenice
A collection of over 750 photographs that span the artist’s career. Included are Paris portraits, images from the famous series Changing New York, Greenwich Village Yesterday and Today, and A Portrait of Maine are included in the holdings, as well as a selection of scientific photographs and Route 1 photos.

Alajalov, Constantin
A collection of 95 magazine covers and story illustrations including designs for The New Yorker and the Saturday Evening Post, as well as his illustrations for Cinderella.

Arms, John Taylor
A large collection of prints that represent the artist’s fascination with architecture, especially of the medieval period. Included are images of the Cathedrals at Chartres and Sens, gargoyle etchings, and images describing churches in Britain and Italy.

Artzybasheff, Boris
A definitive collection of paintings and drawings by this artist best known for his Time magazine cover portraits and machinery that were designed with human characteristics.

Baskin, Leonard
This large collection of Baskin images includes portfolios, relief prints and etchings.

Benton, Thomas Hart
This collection of 21 lithographs includes many of his important images including I Got a Gal on Sourwood Mountain, Shallow Creek and Spring Tryout.

Boehm, Edward M.
Syracuse University has a collection of 182 of Boehm’s hand painted sculptures including rare examples of his Ivory Billed Woodpeckers and Fondo Marino.

Bone, Sir Muirhead
This collection of 33 etching and drypoints shows the influence of Whistler, Meryon and Piranesi on this Scottish artist who originally apprenticed to an architect.

Botkin, Henry
A collection of more than 140 abstract collage, paintings, and drawings. Botkin served as president of The Artist’s Equity Association, The American Abstract Artists, Group 256 in Provincetown, and the Federation of Modern Painters and Sculptors.

Brown, Bolton Coit
Best known for his work as a lithography printer for other artists like George Bellows, Brown was a printmaker in his own right. This collection of 41 lithographs illustrates Brown’s technical mastery of the medium.

Caesar, Doris
A collection of 44 sculptures and drawings; the majority of which were made in the second half of the 20th century. Caesar was a figurative artist whose subject matter focused on the female figure.

Calapai, Letterio
Letterio Calapai began his artistic career as a realist but was strongly influenced in 1946 by Stanley William Hayter’s Atelier 17 in New York. This collection of 82 prints is comprised of numerous abstract images and a limited selection of his early realist images

Castellon, Federico
The Syracuse University Art Collection maintains a complete collection of Castellon’s prints that numbers 665 images. Over his 35-year career, Castellon worked in intaglio and lithography and his imagery often contained surrealist elements.

Datz, A. Mark
A secondary figure in 20th century American art, Datz donated a collection of paintings to the university between 1965 and 1966. His work is characterized by a colorful palette and surrealist subjects.

Dunn, Alan
Alan Dunn was an original staff cartoonist of The New Yorker magazine who also published a series of cartoons under the pseudonym Kindl. Dunn, along with his wife Mary Petty- also a well known illustrator- bequeathed to the university his collection of over 1900 drawings to found the Petty Dunn Center for Social Cartooning, the first in the nation.

Eichenberg, Fritz
A collection of 44 wood engravings by one of the 20th century’s masters of the medium. The holdings include a complete set of Wuthering Heights proofs printed in 1943, Nightwatch and The Artist and the Seven Deadly Sins.

Ellis, Fred
A collection of drawings by the political cartoonist who worked for the Daily Worker and taught at the American Artists School in New York City.

Farny, Henry
Born in France and raised in America, Farny became enamored of the American West and its American Indian population. This collection of 53 works contains a group of illustrative paintings made for a textbook series published by the American Book Company.

Florsheim, Richard
A complete collection numbering more than 400 images of printed work by this popular artist of the 1950s-60s.

Fraser, James Earle
A large collection of bronzes, plasters, prints and drawings made over the lifetime of this important and prolific artist. Fraser established his reputation with his equestrian End of the Trail and went on to design important portraits and sculpture for Washington D.C.’s Federal Triangle.

Fraser, Laura Gardin
A collection of 132 sculptures, mainly composed of relief models for honorary medals. Also included in the holdings is a selection of her three dimensional animal and portrait sculptures.

Frishmuth, Harriet Whitney
A collection of 116 objects including bronze and plaster sculptures and a large set of crayon drawings. Frishmuth is best known for her figurative designs that used dancers as models.

Gelb, Jan 
A collection of 90 prints made by this highly-regarded experimental printmaker between the 1930s and the 1970s.

Gottlieb, Harry
Lithographs and screenprints dominate this collection of 83 works by an artist who began his career in Minneapolis and later moved to New York City.

Haden, Francis Seymour
Haden was a 19th century British physician who was related by marriage to James Abbott McNeill Whistler. This collection contains 32 etchings of generally landscape subjects including images of the Thames River and areas of London.

Halsman, Philippe
Halsman made his reputation and career photographing Hollywood actors and celebrities. The collection numbers more than 1400 black and white portraits of stars including Groucho Marx, Tippi Hedron and Bob Hope.

Homer, Winslow
A nearly complete collection of Homer’s wood engravings. Included in the more than 250 images are reportorial images and genre scenes designed for popular news magazines of the 19th century, book illustrations and a group of illustrations for sheet music.

Hugo, Leopold
A collection of 351 black and white landscape photographs primarily of California and its coastline.

Huntington, Anna Hyatt
A collection of 80 sculptures containing cast bronze, aluminum and plasters.

Kingman, Dong
A varied collection of 130 watercolors and unfinished watercolor sketches, including landscapes, images of east and west coast cities, still lifes and genre scenes.

Kitaj, R. B.
A large collection of prints, primarily screenprints, from the late 1960s and 70s by the American expatriate.

Koppe, Richard
A collection of more than 200 paintings and drawings. The majority illustrate the artist’s interest in abstraction in the 1950s and 60s.

Kuhn, Walt
A large collection of over 500 drawings and 40 paintings by this important American modernist.

Lebrun, Rico
A collection of more than 100 objects including paintings, drawings, prints, and sculpture. Lebrun was a 20th century figurative artist and the collection includes a number of religious subjects, especially the Crucifixion, which he used as a metaphor for the horrors of World War II.

Livick, Stephen
A collection of over 225 photographs made in the 1970s by this Canadian artist. Livick’s interests included landscape and some figurative work that were often manipulated and/or toned in the printing process.

Margo, Boris
A collection of over 100 prints, the majority of which are cellocuts, by the artist who invented the process.

Marsh, Reginald
Included in this collection of 33 objects are the important tempera painting Coney Island, watercolors, and a selection of etchings, engravings and lithographs.

Martinelli, Ezio
Over 150 intaglios comprise this collection of predominantly abstract images.

Mestrovic, Ivan
A collection of over 50 works including bronzes, low relief wood carvings, stone sculptures, and drawings. Mestrovic was a renowned figurative sculptor who taught at Syracuse University between 1946 and 1955 when he founded the sculpture program.

Morgan, Barbara
Over 50 black and white photographs comprise this collection. The majority of images capture Martha Graham performing dances including Lamentation and Letter to the World.

Moy, Seong
Over 175 images by this Chinese American artist best known for his color relief prints. The collection documents the full scope of the artist’s career. See Seong Moy Online Catalog Raisonne for more information.

Penfield, Edward
A collection of over 50 color lithographs used as cover images for Harper’s Magazine.

Peterdi, Gabor
A collection of over 100 prints and drawings. The majority of prints are intaglios from the 1950s and 60s, while the drawings are from earlier in the artist’s career.

Petty, Mary
The artists Mary Petty had a long and productive career designing cover illustrations and cartoons for The New Yorker magazine. The collection contains over 450 pieces including watercolor cover illustrations and cartoon drawings.

Rijn, Rembrandt Harmensz van
A collection of over 35 prints including his Landscape with a cottage and a large tree, Self Portrait drawing at the window, and Faust.

Schrag, Karl
A complete collection of the artist’s printed work numbering over 250 images. Schrag became Director of Atelier 17, New York in 1950 succeeding Stanley William Hayter.

Smith, W. Eugene
A collection of 50 black and white photographs documents this American photojournalist’s career from his coverage of World War II’s Pacific theater to his work with Life magazine and later commercial projects.

Sterne, Maurice
A collection of over 400 drawings in ink, charcoal and crayon. Subjects include figure studies and a series of images of his trip to Bali in 1911.

Von Wicht, John
A collection of over 500 paintings, drawings and prints by this American abstractionist including an early selection of realist ink drawings done in Germany.

Webb, Todd
A collection of over 300 black and white photographs by an artist Alfred Stieglitz compared to Ansel Adams. Important subjects include images of New York City, England, Paris and southern France.

Weston, Harold
Over 180 works, including paintings, prints and drawings, comprise this collection of the influential American modernist painter.

Whistler, James Abbott McNeill
James MacNeill Whistler was one of America’s most famous artists and this collection contains 81 of his etchings, drypoints and lithographs. The etching collection includes important examples from throughout his career.

Whitaker, Frederic
Over 100 watercolors and drawings by an American artist who started to paint professionally at age 57. He became a contributing editor to American Artist and authored two books on watercolor technique.

Wickey, Harry
182 drawings and prints comprise this collection of works by a 20th century American artist known for his figurative imagery, realist landscapes and city scenes.